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  1. Before registering with the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment Section 18 Extended Producer Responsibility Registry, please check that your S18 registration and/or activities are not already registered. To do so, go to Search Registrations. You will be able to search against:

    • S18 Registration Name
    • Sector Category Information
    • Person or Category of Persons
    • Producer type
    • Registration Number
    • Presence/Foootprint
    • Provincial head office Location
    • Municipality; and/or
    • Year registered

    A list of all matching registrations will be given below the search function.

  2. You are able to search for the Section 18 registration.

  3. If you find that your S18 registration and activity are not already registered, and you are required to register as per Who should register, then go to the New Registration function.

  4. Complete all the required fields for registration.

  5. All new registrations are required to fill in some basic information about the registration type, the Section 18 registration, the company and the contact person. Certain of these fields are compulsory (indicated by an *) and must be provided to ensure a successful registration.

  6. Upon saving your registration, an email will be sent to yourself (provided an email address has been entered) notifying you that your registration is currently awaiting authorisation by the Department.

  7. Depending on the validity of your registration, the responsible system administrator will either approve, return it for ammendments or decline your registration. You will be notified of your registration approval via email.

  8. All successful registrations will be issued with a DFFE unique registration number, a username and a password, which may be used to then login into the Section 18 Extended Producer Responsibility Registry to change any information as and when required.
Contact: Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment