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Executive Management

Branch: Chemicals and Waste Management

The Branch: Chemicals and Waste Management effectively came into operation in April 2012 after a robust restructuring process that resulted in the Chief Directorate: Pollution and Waste Management becoming a more focused and better resourced branch. The primary mandate of the Branch is to manage and ensure chemicals and waste management policies and legislation are implemented and enforced in compliance with applicable authorizations, directives and multilateral environmental agreements. The Branch: Chemicals and Waste management is made up of four distinct Chief Directorates, namely;

  • Chemicals & Waste Policy, Monitoring and Evaluation;

  • Hazardous Waste Management and Licensing;

  • Integrated Waste Management and Strategic Support; and

  • Chemicals Management

Each Chief Directorate runs programmes and projects aimed at transforming and introducing new measures to tackle previously fragmented and uncoordinated chemicals and waste management methods which were primarily focused on the end of pipe solutions to managing chemicals and waste problems in South Africa in an integrated manner.

Branch: Chemicals & Waste Management